Friday, November 07, 2008

my favorite pumpkin

Thursday, November 06, 2008

This is classic.

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Job

been on my new job for almost ten months now. it's really pretty cool. i keep getting bonuses for various stuff and it seems to be getting easier as i go. i still run into a lot of things that i don't know what to do with but it's all cool. i recently won a gift certificate for a dinner for two. it was only seventy five dollars and our meal came to one hundred and twelve. it's all good. i ate like a king. more like "the king". i had a twenty four once porter house steak! i joked around about losing a day off my life. looking back maybe that wasn't such a good idea. but, damn that was one kick ass steak!

the wife and kids are all doing good. Sadie is starting to crawl, Aidan is talking more, Noah and Alec are getting tall and doing well in school. Carrie is still the best wife i ever had. i know that's not saying much considering the competition but, she is truly great! she did this twelve days of christmas thing for me that was really cool. no, there were no 9 ladies lap dancing, but it was still cool.

until next time

Monday, July 26, 2004

The Squeaky Wheels

It seems that these days more and more people who are in the minority are getting their way while those of us in the majority stand by, watch, and complain. 

I am a conservative. I believe that most Americans are conservatives as well. Our founding fathers were conservatives. Most of us are not in favor of  same sex marriage, abortion, legalization of marijuana, stem cell research, and countless other items on the liberal agenda.
The problem is that the squeaky wheels will get greased. Whoever makes the most noise will be pacified by those in Washington. What can we do about it?

I say we raise hell. Let the guys in Washington know where we stand. We need to hit the streets and quit worrying about being politically correct. We need to let all the people who hit the streets waving their rainbow banners and burning the American flag and bad mouthing America have a taste of what real Americans think of them. I'm tired of hearing these groups abuse America and all of its great institutions without anyone giving the opposite opinion.

If our country is to return to its greatness we need to put an end to these types of uprisings and let those leftist crawl back under their rocks and be ashamed of themselves again!!!!